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the principles that guide everything we do

“It won’t fit perfectly unless it is fully adjustable”.


“Safety equipment isn’t safe if it is so uncomfortable that you don’t wear it. You know you are wearing the right equipment when you forgot you have it on”.


“It has gotta feel right. It has gotta look right.”


“Competition is the ultimate test.  Every design must be tournament-approved by all of the major Martial Arts sanctioning organisations”.

What Is Atomic fight?

The Atomic Fight product range is a series of solutions to the problems Martial Artists face in getting the right gear in the right size at the right price.

Born out of over four decades’ experience in student training and high-level international competition, Atomic Fight products have been painstakingly developed and refined to optimise safety, performance, and comfort. The Design process is real-world experience and feedback-driven; by Martial Artists, for Martial Artists.

Our Driving force can best be described as: ”If we can’t find the right product, let’s create it.”

Atomic Fight is an Australian Company offering solutions to meet the particular needs and demands of our Australian customer.

Value-For-Money for Fighters, optimal products and solutions to maximise function, durability and return for Business Operators.

Product Development never stops. Feedback from Fighters is our guide. We strive to improve every product, always.