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Lightweight Helmet – White


An extremely popular, premium quality design.  The culmination of many years’ development. Removable Clear Perspex ‘No Fog’ Shield, Adjustable, Sweat/Bacterial-Resistant material. Perfect for Point Fighting/Semi Contact.


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Headgear Design must serve two masters: The Helmet must provide protective cushioning against blows, but it also must not be so bulky and uncomfortable that it won’t be used. It has to protect, while being comfortable so the fighter doesn’t notice they are wearing it. As well as featuring a Lightweight design, with clear, unimpeded line-of-sight, the Atomic Fight Sparring Helmet is also widely adjustable so that it fits snugly on the user.  Ideal also for growing kids and/or multiple users.

The clear, anti-scratch, ‘no-fog’ Perspex shield is removable, allowing less experienced students to gain confidence in ‘Shield-On’ mode. In competition, the Headgear provides wide line-of-sight (with or without the shield) and it does not retain sweat, get ‘heavy’ or gets slippery on the surface.

ISKA Approved – AAA Rating

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Note:-  Parcel Weight (+125g)

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Weight 0.632 kg
Dimensions 270 × 220 × 280 cm


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Product Size Guide

How to measure

All Atomic Fight products are designed with an Adjustable-Fit capability, so each will fit quite a wide user-size range (and for children the Products will still fit for a long period while they grow). However, as a general guide:

SMALL110-150cm (3'7"-4'1")35-55kg
MEDIUM150-180cm, (4'11" -5'11")55-85kg